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Gene and his family moved to Alaska from Missouri in 1979. During high school Gene studied art, art history, photography and graphic arts. Excelling in these areas Gene even helped write the class syllabus for future Art History classes. During his junior year he began taking photography classes at the local college. Later he attended Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology, after college he moved to San Diego and worked at Sports and Schools Photography retouching photographs for them, then later moving to Illinois to manage a portrait studio and lab. Currently Gene has turned his experience in photography and art toward making family heirlooms for customers that are unique and creative based on their collaborative ideas. With an eye towards making what used to be reserved for the more financially-well-to-do available to everyone, Gene aims at producing works of art that will hang in your home for generations to come. Feel free to contact him with any questions and ideas you may have or just to talk about photography.

Kristie and her family moved to Alaska from Idaho in 1982. She graduated from high school locally as well. She has a fantastic eye when it comes to design and color which she will use when helping with your portrait session. Kristie is the grounded personable side to the Stockton Expressions business, her ideas will almost certainly accentuate your own desires for a memorable portrait experience.

Our services include onsite portrait sessions as well as retouching photographs and custom art works. We can take your photograph and give you a custom painted digital artwork on a canvas suitable for hanging in your home for years to come, or simply fantastic photographs for family and friends.

Our fine art photographs and paintings are available for purchase at any time in any number of exceptional methods for display. Everthing from a basic photograph to mount in a frame to canvas stretched ready to hang in a gallery.